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Individual administrative acts

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What are the individual administrative acts in essence? These are acts of the executive power in the person of a specific administrative body, affecting our specific rights and obligations or with which rights, freedoms and legitimate interests are affected. They are aimed at a specific entity. act, the administrative body should clarify all the circumstances and facts that are relevant to the case. After the latest changes in the APC, this official principle has intensified. The administrative body should officially collect all necessary documents, evidence, information from where it is needed, without requiring the party to submit such. The burden of proof is on the administrative body. In administrative proceedings, documents and written evidence may be used. appoints an expert for issues for which special knowledge is required. Witness questioning is not admissible, but information from persons may be required. These collected materials may be used before the court in case of a dispute. If we are not satisfied with an individual administrative act affecting our rights and obligations, we can appeal it administratively - before a higher body or before the court. The grounds for revocation of such an act before the court are regulated and listed exhaustively in the APC Art. 146: lack of competence, non-compliance with the form, substantial violation of administrative-production rules, contradiction with the substantive provisions and inconsistency with the purpose of the law. When checking for nullity of the act, its legality is not checked. But when checking for legality, the court officially monitors its nullity, because an act must be valid and admissible.Anyone who has doubts about the legality of such acts should turn to a lawyer who, with his knowledge and experience to help him navigate the diverse life and legal situations. To represent him, if judged, in his relations with the administrative authorities and to help him defend his rights under the relevant administrative or judicial possibilities. With the rich experience of our lawyers in Arabadjiev Office we have the potential to protect your rights and will be happy to help you in all situations of administrative relations. Our offices in Plovdiv, Sofia and Stara Zagora at convenient communication addresses. Contact us !