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Affected by the certificate order will seek their rights in court

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The green certificate becomes mandatory for indoor activities. The document will serve as a pass for large retail stores, malls, restaurants, indoor sports activities, galleries, cinemas and theaters. The certificate will not be required at pharmacies, grocery stores, banks and administration.
The green certificate will prove vaccination, illness, or a negative result from an antigen or AKP test.
It is also mandatory for those working in hospitals, oncology centers, and those for dialysis, as well as employees in nursing homes.
Without a Green Certificate, they will not be able to work. In the coming days, private certified laboratories and regional health inspectorates will receive 1 million antigen tests, which will be free for citizens. Only the manipulation will be paid.
Citizens and political forces have already stated their intention to challenge in court the order that introduced the requirement for a green certificate. Any natural or legal person who substantiates a legal interest may apply to the Supreme Administrative Court. 
Regarding whether we should show ID cards to the health authorities: The ID card can only be requested by a police authority. If we are talking about a restaurant, can they require you to enter - if they are not a police body - they can't.
We can represent you before the courts with the accuracy and correctness that is necessary for your defense.

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