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Judicial officer. What steps should we take in the event of an enforcement action against us?

  • Posted on: January 5, 2024

Judicial officer. What steps should we take in the event of an enforcement action against us. When we receive a PDI / invitation for voluntary execution, /a PPI / subpoena for enforcement or a notice from a judicial officer, we recommend that you immediately contact a lawyer to assess how the enforcement action was initiated and the issuance of a writ of execution. It is possible that this has happened on the basis of a warrant proceeding which has developed, either with a preliminary immediate execution or under Article 410 of the Code of Civil Procedure, and you have not found out about it due to bad faith actions against you or on the basis of an…

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What should we do in case of a car accident?

  • Posted on: January 3, 2024

Car accident .What to do ? In case of a car accident your actions should be directed in the following two directions:   … 1.In case there is only material damage and you are covered by insurance ,,Casco of motor vehicle'', contact your insurer under this insurance and notify him accordingly. If you are not satisfied with the assessment of the damage you can seek our services to obtain fair compensation.  … 2. When you are injured in a road traffic accident you could claim compensation only if it was caused by the driver of another car. You can get compensation from the person at fault or their third party liability insurer. It is easier to satisfied…

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Compulsory administrative measures

  • Posted on: May 19, 2023

Clients who are subjects of compulsory administrative measures are increasingly coming to the law firm. Although by their nature they are not a sanction for misconduct or misconduct, they significantly affect the their rights.  … As a highly recognisable example, those under the Road Traffic Act, CHAPTER 6 "FORCED ADMINISTRATIVE MEASURES" - suspension of the driving licence; … - temporary suspension of a road vehicle; … - suspension of the registration of a road vehicle; … - detention in custody until the ownership is established; … - confiscation of the driving licence; … - removal of a parked road vehicle; … - temporarily preventing the continued…

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  • Posted on: February 8, 2023

CHANGE OF CUSTODY MEASURES …  A "change in circumstances" in which the measures concerning the exercise of parental authority over children under the age of majority should be modified under the provision of Article 59(9) of the Family Code? In the first place, measures concerning the exercise of parental rights and the personal relationship between children and parents are taken taking into account all interests, but the priority is given to the child's interest, which the court takes care of of its own motion. The children have an interest in having parental responsibility entrusted to the parent who, having regard to their age, sex and degree of…

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The employer holds the employee's employment record after termination of the employment

  • Posted on: January 9, 2023

This is a breach of the employer's obligations under labour law and the employment relationship. The regulation is given in the Labour Code - Articles 347-350 of the Labour Code and the Regulation on the employment record and length of service adopted in implementation of the legal delegation of Article 356 of the Labour Code by the Council of Ministers. The definition given in Article 347 of the Labour Code defines the labour book as an official document certifying the circumstances recorded in it relating to the employee's employment. As an official certifying document of the testimonial category, the labour book certifies the existence of certain…

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